Past Exhibitions > Woven: The Art of Contemporary Native Basketry

Patti Puhn
Squaxin Island
I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and come from a long line of recognized basket weavers whose baskets have been honored and treasured for generations. I have had many positive influences in my life that continue to encourage me to further develop and refine my work. I have had the opportunity to sit beside a number of northwest master weavers to glean from their experience over many years.
Though I have incorporated commercial dyes and contemporary materials into my work, my husband Dave and I still enjoy gathering and preparing the traditional cedar bark, bear grass, cattail and sweet grass I use in my weaving.
I have found a passion in expressing my creativity through my weaving and marvel at the creations of our ancestors fashioned without the use of modern day tools and processes. The more I study their work, the more I marvel as I continue to strive to produce my own renditions of their work.

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